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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Preparing you for a legal career in a dynamic global environment

The Bachelor of Laws is a professional law degree and your pathway to a fulfilling and challenging career as a legal practitioner.

At Sydney, you will study the Bachelor of Laws alongside a partner degree in arts, commerce, economics, engineering or science. Taught by acclaimed legal educators, world-renowned researchers and venerated practitioners as well as prominent international scholars and leaders in the judiciary and government, you’ll gain a world class legal education.

Undergraduate law degree options 涿州亨金耀服务有限公司


All combinations are five years full time study with the exception of Engineering/Law which is six years.

What you will study 赤水永凯荣贸易有限公司

All combined law programs will develop your critical thinking skills, capacity for deep, evidence based analysis and problem solving, and give you a thorough grounding in professional ethics.

In the first three years (or four years for engineering) you’ll enrol with our partner faculties and then transfer to the Law School at the completion of your other degree to finish the last 2 years of your law studies.

In addition to law core units of study, you’ll have access to a broad range of electives from areas such as contracts, constitutional law, criminal law, corporate law, health law, environmental law, media law and international law. You’ll also have the option studying master’s units of study which may then be credited toward a Master of Laws (LLM) degree at Sydney Law School in the future.

The study environment 二连浩特润百谦服务有限公司

We attract the best and brightest students so you’ll be studying with a cohort of students who will both challenge and inspire you. During your studies you’ll forge strong networks with your peers which will enhance your future career.

The student community is engaged and actively involved with the university and broader community. As a student at Sydney Law School you'll automatically be part of the Sydney University Law Society (SULS), one of the most active student led organisations at the University. SULS arranges a variety of events, activities and programs including social events, mooting and skills competitions, educational support and career events.

With a strong focus on international law, you’ll study two compulsory international law units within the degree. You will also have access to student exchange programs, offshore units of study and a range of international, comparative and transnational law electives.

Through our social justice activities, you’ll get valuable experience in social justice initiatives with a clinical placement at one of our partner community legal centres or organisations.


We offer a unique collaboration with the faculties of Law at both the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the United Kingdom’s leading law schools. The pathway programs allow high-achieving students to receive a Sydney LLB or a Sydney JD as well as an Oxford Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or Master of Law and Finance (MLF), or a Cambridge Master of Laws (LLM) or Masters in Corporate Law (MCL).

Your career options 丹东隆千富商贸有限公司

Legal studies open up a broad range of career options. You may wish to practise as a solicitor or barrister or outside the legal profession as corporate counsel, business strategist, government policy advisor or entrepreneur.

Our graduates work in a wide variety of organisations from large international organisations such as the United Nations or the World Bank to small community legal services. Find out more about careers in law.

A Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Sydney satisfies the academic requirements for admission as a legal practitioner in New South Wales. Additional requirements must be met before a Law graduate can practise as a lawyer in NSW. Please see Pathways to Legal Practice for more information.

Entry options 牡丹江盈元佳服务有限公司

You can enter the Sydney LLB through a variety of entry pathways including:

Alternatively, you can also study law as a graduate via our Juris Doctor program.

Honours 日喀则旺祥正服务有限公司

For highly motivated students with outstanding academic ability, we offer an embedded honours research program incorporated in our LLB degree. This honours program provides research training opportunities. Admission to honours is on a competitive basis and is assessed on performance in compulsory law units. 

Cross-institutional study 东川欣满恒设备有限公司

As a student enrolled in an accredited LLB degree at another Australian institution, you can apply to undertake units at Sydney Law School for the purpose of credit to your home degree. Find out more about cross-institutional study.


One of the best aspects of Sydney Law School is the opportunity to study overseas, including the Himalayan Field School and the South East Asian Field School. These programs allow us to expand our insights and understanding of the law on a cross-cultural level.
Learn more about a Commerce/Law degree
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